June 7, 2023


Found what I’ve been looking for!! 27 degrees this morning and I’m on the water at day light and still had 2 boats beat me on the water. 😮 It was purty cold this morning but I went prepared so stayed pretty comfortable. Caught a keeper trout on my 3rd cast so I knew that was a good sign. I was headed for an area I always fish on this water and before I got there I ran over a good size school of fish that showed up on my sonar and looked like what I have learned that trout look like on my sonar. I shut down, and turned back around to check it out. Glad I did. From that spot I had a limit of nothing smaller than 18″ by 8 o’clock. The school of fish were suspended from 16′ all the way down to the bottom and it was nothing but bigguns and they were hitting a Holy Joely like a school of white trout. It was a biggun bite on every cast. Many times the bait never made it through the suspenders and if it did it didn’t take long for one of the bottom dwellers to smoke it. That bite finally shut down and I went to looking for the next one. As I motored around watching the sonar I could see that most of the fish by now had pretty much suspended at 16 feet over 20+feet of water. So on the next school I found I started counting the bait down to 14 before starting my retrieve and it was on again. Finally got on my last shcool when I was in the process of leaving which delayed me from going home about another hour (I won’t hardly leave them biting). It was the deep water winter bite I’ve been waiting on and it was a good one. I had only caught 1 short up to the last school of fish but there were several shorts mixed in with the keepers in that school. Don’t know how many total and don’t know how many keepers but I caught “quite a few” keepers today. Only bad thing about today was the biggest trout I caught was gill hooked really bad so it wasn’t going to make it. It was bleeding bad and I was tyring to clean the blood off so I could give it to some one and the dang thing flipped out of my hands right in the water. It bellied up one time but went down again before I could re-net it and I never seen it again. Didn’t even get a photo of it. Really hate injuring one that nice.😔 Also caught 1 small red, 1 tiny flounder and a bass. I took a few photos but the bite was too good to take a lot of time messing with a phone. All fish released.