February 7, 2023

Fish Louisiana


Tough Fishing conditions

Windy, cloudy, no water, mud flats and intermittent temperatures made for an exceptionally difficult weekend on the water! But all in all we caught a few and as always had a great time being out in Gods creation !

I have a few favorite corks I use, strictly a personal preference and the versamaxx proved to be a good one for my guests and tackle box!

With the water being so low and cloudy, finding a deep pocket was essential as we didn’t want to run across the lake and chose to stay in the canals , and yes the fish were not jumping in the boat but the versamaxx was an easy cork to work with!

If you get frustrated by constantly having to stop fishing to adjust the length of the leader under your popping cork, the VersaMaxx Bolt is exactly what you’re looking for. Changing/experimenting with different depths as you fish has been proven to produce better results, but wired cork fishermen have hesitated to do this in the past because of the time it takes away from fishing. Not any longer — the VersaMaxx Bolt solves this problem.

#Versamaxx — at Fish Louisiana With Wanda Stewart.